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"Samsung" 40L 1000W Microwave

Sep 2018 model.

Dimensions: L:56cm D:43cm H:31cm (Ref:5573)


  • Available

"Moda Living" Electric Faux Fireplace Heater Insert

Dimensions: L:78cm D:23cm H:64cm (Ref:5572B)


  • Available

"Hisense" Black 179L Bar Fridge

Only approx 6 months old - interior still with tape.

Dimensions: W:51.5cm D:51cm H:123cm (Ref:5560)


  • Available

"LG" Stainless 427L Fridge/Freezer

January 2021 model.

Dimensions: W:70cm D:68.5cm H:169cm (Ref:5532)


  • Sold

"Westinghouse" 6kg Washing Machine

May 2023 model - purchased and used for less than 2 months.

Dimensions: W:57cm D:64cm H:97cm (Ref:5519)


  • Available

"LG" 665L Side by Side Fridge/Freezer with Ice Maker

Sep 2019 model.

Dimensions: L:91.5cm D:72cm H:178.5cm (Ref:5459)


  • Sold

"Fisher & Paykel" 380L Fridge/Freezer

Sep 2018 model.

Dimensions: L:63.5cm D:66.5cm H:161.5cm (Ref:5405)


  • Sold

"Simpson" 4.5kg Dryer

May 2019 model.

Dimensions: W:60cm D:53cm H:80cm (Ref:5409)


  • Sold

"Westinghouse" Stainless 521L Bottom Mount Fridge/Freezer

March 2022 model. Retail for approx $1700 new, our price just $899!

Dimensions: W:79.5cm D:72cm H:172.5cm (Ref:5318)


  • Sold

Husky 237L Bar Fridge

Less than 2 years old.

Dimensions: W:55cm D:55cm H:141.5cm (Ref:5290)


  • Available

Westinghouse 431L Fridge / Freezer

February 2022 model.

Dimensions: W:70cm D:73cm H:172cm (Ref:5271)


  • Available

LG 8kg Front Load Washing Machine

March 2021 model.

Dimensions: W:59.5cm D:53.5cm H:84.5cm (Ref:5270)



  • Available

Fisher & Paykel 8kg Washing Machine

May 2021 model.

Dimensions: W:59.5cm D:59.5cm H:85cm (Ref:5196)


  • Sold

Stainless Samsung 326L Fridge/Freezer

Aug 2022 model.

Dimensions: W:60.5cm D:66.5cm H:171.5cm (Ref:5177)


  • Sold

"Westinghouse" 23L 800W Microwave

2021 model.

Dimensions: L:48.5cm D:37.5cm H:29.5cm (Ref:5011)


  • Available

BRAND NEW "Pro Q Amigo" Smoker

Currently retailing brand new online for $349, our price just $249!  Brand new, never used, still with wrapping (was an unwanted prize).

Dimensions: Diam:47cm H:103cm (Ref:4954)


  • Sold

"Panasonic" 25L 800W Microwave

Dimensions: L:49cm D:40cm H:29cm (Ref:4517)



  • Available

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