Shelving, Storage & Display

Bookcases/Bookshelves, Display Cabinets/Shelves, Buffets/Sideboards, Storage Cabinets, Cupboards, Bakerstands, Kitchen Dressers/Hutches, Armoires, Closets, Pantries, Storage Trunks/Blanket Boxes/Treasure Chests...

White Chinese Side Table / Storage Cabinet

Dimensions: W:52.5cm D:30cm H:83cm (Ref:8128)


  • Available

White Chinese Storage Cabinet

Dimensions: L:87cm D:35cm H:90cm (Ref:8127)


  • Available

Red & Gold Chinese Storage Cabinet

Dimensions: L:106cm D:46cm H:122cm (Ref:8124)


  • Available

Rustic Timber & Glass Storage Cabinet

Dimensions: W:65cm D:40cm H:194cm (Ref:8120)


  • Sold

Large White Melamine Storage Cabinet

Dimensions: L:180cm W:45cm H:91cm (Ref:8074)


  • Available

Carved Teak Bookshelf / Room Divider

Dimensions: W:81cm D:41cm H:192cm (Ref:8068)


  • Available

Large Pine Bookcase

Dimensions: W:130cm D:35cm H:204cm (Ref:8067)


  • Available

Custom Australian Made Mid Century Style Buffet

Dimensions: L:145cm D:50cm H:79.5cm (Ref:8057)


  • Sold

Dutch Distressed Sideboard / Buffet

Dimensions: L:178cm D:45cm H:88cm (Ref:8054)


  • Available

Small Whitewashed Timber Storage Cabinet

Dimensions: W:40cm D:40cm H:98cm (Ref:8051)


  • Sold

Plantation Cane Dome Top Storage Hutch

Dimensions: L:94cm D:42.5cm H:189cm (Ref:7945)



  • Available

Provincial Charcoal Grey Glass Display Cabinet

Dimensions: L:80cm D:37cm H:105.5cm (Ref:7627)


  • Sold

"Drexel" Engraved Cherry Wood Cabinet with Brass Detail


Dimensions: L:106cm D:62cm H:197cm (Ref:6883)



  • Available

Large Antique Mongolian Sideboard/Buffet


Dimensions: L:208cm D:68cm H:99.5cm (Ref:6682)



  • Available

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